The GFE Markets Dispute Centre

We pride ourselves on offering the very best financial markets trading experience, but every now and then, problems do arise. Either a trader loses money or something goes wrong with our tech. We’re all human, and even though we strive for perfection, sometimes things go astray.

If you have any disputes or challenges with regards to a trade you opened, a withdrawal request, or any other matters, including any conflicts with our staff, the GFE Markets Dispute Centre is here to help solve your disputes. We at GFE have developed a comprehensive policy in order to find a solution to every concern you may have. Your concerns are taken into consideration and examined, and we’ll be sure to provide you with a prompt response.

Tell us what your complaint is!

Feel free to state your problem in the section below, whatever it may be. Let us deal with it for you.


You may also contact our Customer Care Team who is always at your disposal.